By Martha Maglone:

Each January, 100 manufacturers of high-performance and racing parts are introduced to the media over a 3-day period at the MPMC conference (Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council).

DSC_0047Held at the Embassy Suites hotel in Santa Ana near the John Wayne Airport in California’s Orange County, the MPMC, a SEMA-based organization initiated in 1998 and now in its nineteenth successive year, brings unique opportunities for both parties. Media members, editors and publishers, visit with up to 14 exhibitors each day of the conference, culminating in as many as 42 meetings throughout the three days.

For their part, media members have experienced momentous disorder among their ranks in the past two decades and widespread cash flow problems at its core have strained staff loyalty. It would be easy to become disillusioned. Yet our auto racing and aftermarket media, while not quite in its full flower of yesteryear, appears positive.

With good reason, the manufacturers have sustained momentum despite the proclamations of our political analysts. Successive governments, they contend, have failed to recognize the effects of globalization since the 1970s and as a result our middle class has been devastated and thus their spending power vastly reduced through wage stagnation. No doubt our market isn’t as vibrant as in previous times but it’s unlikely that globalization is cause for concern. Ours is a relatively low-volume highly specialized industry and therefore has been sheltered from the detrimental effects of global intervention so far.

And so it was, the manufacturers arrived in force with their latest products on display and key personnel on hand to provide technical details and background information. Private, uninterrupted meetings guarantee a great many benefits, not least the significant flow of vital technical information.

Aeromotive focused on 3 products:

PN 11180 Pro Stock EFI Fuel Pump

  • Flows over 2.9 GPM @ 90 psi/16 V
  • Brushless motor reduces amperage draw by 50% and static weight by over 40%
  • Features Pro Series dual-chamber roller vane pumping mechanism

PN 11215 A3000 Fuel Pump

  • Flows 6.8 GPM @ 5 psi/13.5V
  • Modular design allows filter and diaphragm bypass/regulator to be mounted separately or clocked individually for clearance in tight locations
  • Lightweight design (5.1 lbs.)
  • Campaigned in past 2 seasons NHRA-winning Pro Stock Championships

PN 18309 Dual Phantom

  • Uses two 340lph pumps for high HP dual-purpose cars or redundant system as used in off-road
  • Supports up to 1400hp forced-induction EFI/ 1700hp naturally aspirated EFI
  • Utilizes Aeromotive patented baffle-and-rubber sump to eliminate suction-side cavitation
  • Truly universal installation in almost any fuel tank and provides whisper-quiet operation
  • Works with carbureted applications with the appropriate fuel pressure regulator
  • All Aeromotive Stealth 340lph pumps are now E85 compatible


Lenexa, Kansas
Tel: (913) 647-7300


And there were more new products from: Air Flow Research (AFR), Blueprint Engines, SCE Gaskets, and Mahle.