Why choose Moore Good Ink?

Who Are We?

Based in Dawsonville, Georgia, MOORE GOOD INK was founded by Vic and Sue Moore. Our company specializes in graphic design, photography, advertising, marketing, event reports and photography and PR. In the nineties, we discovered that advertising alone in our chosen field could not loft a company to great heights without the vital assistance of national editors and publishers. Therefore since editorial has become an essential ingredient for company growth, MOORE GOOD INK was formed as a full-service agency. It has strong credentials, a record of success, and a solid reputation.

What are we trying to accomplish?

MOORE GOOD INK is a young company, and our sole objective is to sell and to cultivate brands—to create them, to build them, and to improve them. It is said that if management is incompetent or if the product has an inherent weakness no amount of advertising can bring success. Perhaps so, stable management and high quality products are essential assets, but neither can guarantee success unless a manufacturer holds selling at its indispensable heart. For those companies, we are uniquely qualified to help.

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