Why choose Moore Good Ink?

Who Are We?

Based in Dawsonville, Georgia, MOORE GOOD INK was founded by Vic and Susan Moore. Our company specializes in preparing website and magazine content, generating graphical designs, and composing technical articles.

What are we trying to accomplish?

We prepare materials (videos, podcasts, advertising, and the written word) that are carefully researched, evidence-based and engaging. Often overlooked, writing lives or dies on read times. If you prepare a seven-minute article for your website or general consumption and the average read time reports 2mins 22secs, you lost your reader. You may think you prepared work of value but its value was zero. Time and money wasted. The better path to creating value is by composing factual, concise content.

If your article’s pace is slow or dull, lacking the delivery of interesting information, particularly in its early stages; if it’s unbalanced, gushing with positives and few negatives; if it is patronizing or biased in the slightest way; or if it is repetitive or loses clarity, most readers will desert you.

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