Superchargers and carbureted fuel system upgrades.

By V. Moore: Idle and cruise conditions don’t alter fuel consumption appreciably, but supercharge boost conditions do. Therefore, it’s sensible and probably necessary to increase fuel pressure relative to boost pressure, upgrading to a larger capacity electric fuel pump and bypass fuel pressure regulator. Bypass fuel systems using a... read more

How to change the oil on a TorqStorm supercharger.

Since TorqStorm’s beginning, about ten years ago, inquirers have written on virtually every aspect of forced induction. Oil-changing procedures is a popular topic. Required at 10,000-mile intervals or once a year, whichever comes first, here are the four steps with pictures and captions to clarify. Step 1 Remove your... read more

TorqStorm Superchargers has broadened its focus.

In 2020, TorqStorm will participate in a new campaign, sponsoring NMCA’s True Street, a quarter-mile drag racing class for grass-roots enthusiasts, including those who have never raced before. The racing campaign promises to be a welcome addition, particularly the early March event for those who enjoy a little racing... read more

Celebrating 10th year of supercharger production.

Following ten years of supercharger manufacture, TorqStorm has developed approximately 100 variations, which, of course, increases to 300 variations when three choices of finish are included. Chris Beardsley of Technical Sales elaborates, “Consider our small-block Chevrolet kits, for example, these are available with left- or right-hand mounting and with... read more

Oakley: Desire to be fastest

Race engines from Oakley Motorsports won NHRA Top Dragster championships 2017 and ’18. In NPTA championships (National Tractor Puller Association) they succeeded twice, in Battle of Bluegrass truck pulling championships four times as well as various circle track dirt championships and big-money Bracket events. They even conquered the Engine... read more

9.200in Deck Engine Block for Fords

Louisville, KY: World Products has released a new 9.200in deck version of their Man O’War Ford small block. It is ideal for oval track and drag racing applications. The shorter deck height accommodates smaller, lighter connecting rods and pistons which improve acceleration. It also reduces overall weight and lowers... read more