Chris Sperling and Tim Torrecarion of Air Flow Research introduced three new products:


BBF cylinder headDSC_5921LrDSC_5918Lr

270, 285, 300cc – intake runner volume

390CFM – 427CFM – depending upon intake runner size

85cc or 75cc – combustion chambers

.250in raised exhaust – available for 285cc and 300cc heads

Starting at $2099 a pair – fully assembled

 BBF intake manifoldDSC_5920Lr

Clover leaf design

Equalized runner lengths

Port shape matched to BBF heads

4150 or 4500 carburetor flange available

Starting at $348

 18-degree BBC head – Circle Track and Drag Racing

510cfm at .900” lift

457cc intake runner volume

Valve Sizes – 2.400in intake, 1.800in exhaust

Raised exhaust port

Approx. 95cc-97cc combustion chambers

Copper seats

Titanium retainers

Triple valve springs

Expected Release Date Summer 2016

Pair, fully assembled – Pricing: To Be Determined


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