TorqStorm Superchargers has broadened its focus.

TorqStorm Superchargers has broadened its focus.

In 2020, TorqStorm will participate in a new campaign, sponsoring NMCA’s True Street, a quarter-mile drag racing class for grass-roots enthusiasts, including those who have never raced before.

The racing campaign promises to be a welcome addition, particularly the early March event for those who enjoy a little racing and an early vacation in the sun. With scarcely time to draw breath following a busy 2019 season of shows, developing new supercharger applications, moving to larger premises, and managing increased production schedules, 2020 is hoped to be a landmark year.  

Both TorqStorm co-founders, Chris Brooker and Scott Oshinski, plan participation at all six NMCA racing venues as well as the two LS Fest events and perhaps two Mopar adventures (Hemi Fest at Summit Sports Park, Norwalk, and Mopar Nationals at National Trails Columbus).

The True Street calendar of events is as follows:

  • March 5-8         18th Annual NMCA       Bradenton Motorsports Park     Bradenton, FL             
  • April 2-5           12th Annual NMCA       Atlanta Dragway                    Commerce, GA
  • May 28-31        Inaugural NMCA            Technology R’way, Gateway      Madison, IL
  • July 30-Aug 2    15th Annual NMCA       Route 66 Raceway                     Joliet, IL
  • Aug 27-30         19th Annual NMCA       Summit M’Sports Park               Norwalk, OH
  • Sep 24-27         19th Annual NMCA       Indianapolis Raceway Park         Indianapolis, IN

NMCA’s True Street class permits enthusiasts to race on premium tracks at a cost of $125 over the course of three days, (Thursday is regarded as set-up day) and the average car count for the class numbers around 50 but can climb to 125 at some venues. Prizes are awarded to the overall winner and runner-up. Prizes are also awarded for the best 9-second average, 10sec, 11sec, 12, 13, and perhaps 14sec average. Test and Tune passes are also available on Saturday mornings, and there are timed trials on Friday, which are automatically entered in the Bracket 3 category for Sunday competition.

The requirements for each of the six events include a 30-mile road tour on the Saturday afternoon followed immediately by three consecutive quarter-mile passes. True Street competitors are grouped together and usually tour with a police escort. Once they leave the race track, they are not permitted to open their hoods or refuel. The best average time on track dictates the winner—Reaction times disregarded.


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  1. Sure would like to see this event closer to home. I live in El Paso and Arizona is close enough to travel to for an event like this. Give it some thought about heading westbb

  2. Times two on having events closer to El Paso TX, perhaps Dallas or Knight RaceWay in Penwell,TX. I’m from Carlsbad, NM

  3. I have a twin TorqStorm kit, BBC, and also live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. It would be great to have future event in south central US

    • How does that twin setup perform? I’m new to this but I’m building a 496, and I’ve been contemplating this twin charger or an alternative.

      • It can be setup with single pulley or dual pulleys each running a separate charger unit. The dual belts are shorter and are less prone to slippage. Either should make 1000hp or near with a prepped 500ci. Ensure you have an adequate fuel system. The 540 I have runs an Aeromotive Phantom dual kit that can support 1400hp.

  4. I love this idea of a street class drag racing series; there’s only one problem though, there’s no Michigan date. I haven’t purchased my TorqStorm supercharger yet, but I plan on it.


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