Egyptian Theatre

Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood

By Ben Mozart

Before The Snake & Mongoose movie is made available for general viewing in theatres across the country in September, it will be premiered at a series of venues between August 9 and 29.

Some of these showings are invitation-only; their principal purpose is to raise money for charity, chiefly the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Such an event takes place at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, California at 2pm on Monday, August 26.

Originally opened in 1922 and serving as the venue for the first-ever Hollywood premiere (Douglas Fairbanks starring as Robin Hood), Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre is one of the world’s most famous movie theatres. Following refurbishment costing almost $13 million the Egyptian was re-opened at the end of 1998.

Public viewings
The two viewings most likely to attract public interest are those that coincide with the Hot August Nights festival in Reno, Nevada, and the Woodward Dream Cruise in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan.

On Friday, August 9, a red-carpet Hollywood-style Premiere covered by media at Cinemark Theater Reno takes place around 5:00pm. Tickets are available to the public through the theater or Fandango. Invited guests include former racers Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen, actors Jesse Williams, Richard Blake, Noah Wyle, Fred Dryer, Ian Ziering, Ashley Hinshaw, and musician Billy Gibbons.

Then on Wednesday, August 14, during the Woodward Dream Cruise a further screening will be held at the Palladium 12 in Birmingham, Michigan around 5:00pm.