By Freddie Heaney:


RemflexGasketsHow do you compete on the national stage—how do you rise from obscurity if you don’t advertise? Engine builders do it by word of mouth but for small manufacturers the process is more daunting: expensive and often hit-and-miss if not executed with some skill.

In an attempt to survive these hazards, Remflex, the graphite exhaust gasket firm, applied to SEMA for the chance to make an appearance at last week’s MPMC conference and got lucky in their annual draw.

In thickness, Remflex exhaust gaskets measure approximately 1/8-inch and compress by 50 percent when tightened between two surfaces. In so doing they fill leaky gaps in slightly warped or pitted flanges.

Operational up to 3,000-degrees Fahrenheit, Remflex claims the flexible graphite, which is bonded to both sides of a thin stainless steel mesh core, has swelling properties that eliminate the need to re-torque.

Guaranteed for six months, longer bolts are unnecessary. However, the three chief things to remember are, first, do not over-tighten them. Suggested torque ratings are listed on the box. Second, hold the gaskets properly. Though they are designed to withstand intensive clamping forces, do not bend them. If you do they’ll break. Lastly, don’t use sealers because they will rapidly burn and disappear, introducing an exhaust leak.

Five hundred part numbers now available, the cost of a small-block Chevrolet gasket kit is $34.99


MPMC-2017MPMC Background

Each January, the MPMC introduces one hundred manufacturers to approximately three hundred members of the media. The customary venue is the Embassy Suites hotel in Orange County, California not far from John Wayne Airport. The manufacturers set up their new-product displays in the front room of their hotel suites and the media members are allocated half-hour meetings with them each day (9am till 6pm) over a three-day period, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.



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