By Ben Mozart:

Bowling Green, KY: Holley’s new patent-pending HydraMat fuel system is unique. It can deliver the last droplet of fuel in a tank or cell through the introduction of two clever principles: fluid wicking and surface tension.

The term surface tension refers to sealing the tiny pores of the HydraMat media with fuel in the same way water clings to the fine mesh of a screen door. This has the rewarding effect of accumulating and sequestering fuel in the reservoir, delaying any vapor intrusion until the fuel supply is exhausted.

Wicking symbolizes capillary action, which promotes liquid flow in narrow spaces and small diameter tubes. Capillary action is impressive because the flow is unassisted; it even defies gravity. As a result it invests the HydraMat with the ability to draw fuel from any area that has contact with it.

5691cc7e-9a5a-4a1d-9df2-15c1a32e4db9-300x220Designed to operate in stock fuel tanks or racing cells, HydraMat’s shapes and sizes vary from a single section to cross sections and from square- to rectangular-shaped mats. Obviously, its attributes are indispensible during low-fuel conditions and on inclines where fuel runs away from the pick-up. But also it is highly effective under hard cornering, acceleration and braking.

Some years ago I remember the mood of an indignant racer robbed of a Daytona victory. When the car raced along the 31-degree banking the fuel supply was satisfactory but on the flat section as it approached the last corner on the last lap it died!


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