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Concept One Pulley, hot rodder pulley, belt systemsIf you ask hot rodders of their greatest disappointment with aftermarket serpentine belt systems you will often find it lies not with the system’s appearance but with its fitting. Its beauty is often obscured by the fact it doesn’t fit very well.

Belt system manufacturer Concept One maintains that it is quality that has sustained their business through this economic downturn. A beguiling appearance is crucial but a system’s real potency lies in its ease of fitment.



Magnuson superchargers, LS engine, serpentine belt system

First 8-rib forced induction system of its type.  A/C compressor moved for easy installation in early chassis.

Cumming GA: Concept One has released a new serpentine single-belt system for LS engines with Magnuson or Edelbrock superchargers. Utilizing a high traction 8-rib pulley/belt arrangement, they believe it to be the first aftermarket design of its type.

The chief impediment when installing an LS engine in an early chassis is the location of the A/C compressor, which is located lower right. In its original position it often interferes with chassis parts, not least the cross-member. Concept One has overcome these imminent troubles by relocating the compressor on the upper right.

Created to function with all Gen III & Gen IV LS engines with Magnuson or Edelbrock superchargers, this kit provides a compact, polished Sanden® SD-7 compressor as well as a new Delphi® aluminum power steering pump. As standard equipment the pump is provided with Concept One’s exclusive billet Mini Reservoir. Also included are a cast aluminum water pump and a 105-amp polished Powermaster® one-wire alternator.

Edlbrock supercharger, Concept One belt system,

Other key components include a heavy-duty tensioner and Goodyear Gatorback® belt together with an SFI-approved harmonic balancer. To complete the kit all necessary 8-rib pulleys and mounting brackets are provided. These accommodate the alternator, A/C compressor, power steering and the supercharger idler.

Appropriate to Concept One’s way of doing things, all pulley ratios are calculated for optimum drivability, and are the more attractive for it. More pertinently still, these kits are engineered for easy installation with excellent fit. They are constructed to the highest quality and contain only superior components. This complete Concept One pulley system for LS engines supercharged by Magnuson or Edelbrock is prepared with either a machined or polished finish or in black or clear anodized coating. Prices start at $2,795. For further information contact:
Concept One
6320 Highway 400 North Cumming, GA 30028
Toll Free: (877) 441-0404
E-mail: Kevin@c1pulleys.com