Obituary: Dale Eicke has left us

By Victor Moore

Photo by Moore Good Ink


DaleEicke2008Dale Eicke, who died on Friday, August 2, from a stroke and heart attack, will be remembered with endearing fondness by almost all who knew him.

Eicke, a pioneer in NHRA Pro Stock engine development, was immensely innovative in racing induction systems and a skilled and an imaginative engine builder. Longtime colleague Gary Stropko once said, “Of all the people I’ve worked with in the Pro Stock race engine business, he was more of an outside-the-box-thinker than anyone I knew—including Bill Jenkins. He always seemed to have another way to examine the problem.”

During his career Dale worked with several of the country’s leading Pro Stock racing teams but was best known for his outstanding work with Pontiac. Stropko remarked, “He was responsible for pioneering the first successful cylinder head in GM’s DRCE (Drag Race Competition Engine) big-block program—a design that remained competitive for probably ten years.”

A tall man who literally towered above most of us, Eicke exuded a charm and modesty that belied a fervent engineering genius.


  1. It is with great sadness that Nancy and I have learned of the passing of a dear friend, Dale Eicke.

    Our friendship began in the mid-70’s shortly after Dale’s brother John was killed and Dale stepped forward to take the reigns of his brother’s business, Competition Flow Design. CFD was a leading edge cylinder head shop in Southern California… about a mile from Saugus Speedway. Dale totally committed himself to his brother’s enterprise and in just 5 years, took CFD to new levels of industry acceptance.

    Over the years, we often met in the isles of high performance trade shows and race venues all across this great country. I am smiling as I remember that we always seemed to pick up the conversation… right where we left it at the last meeting. Dale my friend, you will be surely missed, but not forgotten.

    Our sincere thoughts and prayers go out to Dale’s beloved wife and family,
    Gary and Nancy Johnson

  2. Hi Vic, Thanks for your kind words and great description of Dale. I was wondering if you would share these pics with me. You captured him so well, he hated his picture taken, your’s have captured his true smile.

  3. Dear Caren,

    Of course, we will forward these pictures to you. The first is a close-up of Dale taken in 2007; the second in 2008 when I saw him at the zMax Dragway in Charlotte, North Carolina. Uncomplicated and sincere, Dale was always a joy to be around. We were very saddened to learn of his death.
    With our kindest rememberances,


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