By Victor Moore

Photo by Moore Good Ink


DaleEicke2008Dale Eicke, who died on Friday, August 2, from a stroke and heart attack, will be remembered with endearing fondness by almost all who knew him.

Eicke, a pioneer in NHRA Pro Stock engine development, was immensely innovative in racing induction systems and a skilled and an imaginative engine builder. Longtime colleague Gary Stropko once said, “Of all the people I’ve worked with in the Pro Stock race engine business, he was more of an outside-the-box-thinker than anyone I knew—including Bill Jenkins. He always seemed to have another way to examine the problem.”

During his career Dale worked with several of the country’s leading Pro Stock racing teams but was best known for his outstanding work with Pontiac. Stropko remarked, “He was responsible for pioneering the first successful cylinder head in GM’s DRCE (Drag Race Competition Engine) big-block program—a design that remained competitive for probably ten years.”

A tall man who literally towered above most of us, Eicke exuded a charm and modesty that belied a fervent engineering genius.