By Martha Maglone
Images by Moore Good Ink

Moonshine ingredientsAttending the annual Mountain Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville, Georgia, is always an agreeable occasion, not least because the town is closed to regular traffic and the Hot Rod prevails.

On the Friday afternoon of October 25th, five decades of beautifully restored automobiles—from the twenties to the sixties—began rolling into town in substantial numbers. They had arrived to celebrate the 46th Mountain Moonshine Festival. Inevitably, it was the allure of the glorious Ford V8s of the 1930s that carried the real nostalgia, for it was in those machines that most of the risk-taking old timers ran their moonshine through the foothills of the Northeast Georgia Mountains. For most of them, hauling their illicit corn liquor from Dawsonville to Atlanta during prohibition times of the Great Depression was their only sustenance.

In celebration of the moonshiner, here are several coveted examples of their most prized possessions.


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