By Bertie Scott Brown – 

New 604Sprint blockBoardman, Ohio: When Pace Performance discovered sprint cars in the northeast spent more time languishing in garages because owners couldn’t afford to race them, they decided to try a different approach.

Last year, 2014, they prepared a Chevrolet Performance factory-sealed 602 and tested it over a full season of racing against traditional 305-powered machines. It proved competitive, finishing regularly in the top five, durable, and overcame the cost obstacles.

19318604 This year they are launching their new crate engine program offering the 602 and 604. The 602 generates 400hp @ 5,600rpm and 440lbs ft of torque @ 3,800rpm and costs $3,975. The 604, on the other hand, is equipped with fast-burn aluminum cylinder heads and a more aggressive camshaft.

Both engines are provided with a Crate Innovations crank balance hub and slip yoke assembly.





The process

GM delivers the crate engines to Pace Performance with factory-sealed fasteners. Pace adds a cam spud to the rear of the camshaft which drives the fuel pump and power steering pump if required.

Then their partner Race1, headed by Brad Hibbard, installs secondary cable seals on the existing engine fasteners and applies tamper-proof tape over the seals with a QR code. Should a tech inspector wish to scan it with a Smart phone, a page will appear that identifies every seal and its location as well as every serial number.

Like to see a 602 sprint car in action? Click here.

Eligibility of the 602 and 604 depends upon individual track owners and race series promoters, but the response so far, according to Pace Performance, has been most promising.

GMP-19258602-S 602 Sprint Crate Engine…..$3975.00

GMP-19258602-SP 602 with LM Oil Pan……..$4375.00

GMP-19318604-S 604 Sprint Crate Engine…..$6250.00


Pace Performance
Boardman, OH 44512
(800) 748-3791

Race 1
Brad Hibbard
Poland, OH
(330) 540-7223