Know your tech: serpentine pulley systems

MDarticleCompliments of Maximum Drive magazine, November 2014

Though the beguiling appearance of a pulley system brings a fresh new appearance to the engine bay, a system’s real potency lies in its operating excellence and ease of fitment. If you ask hot rodders of their greatest disappointment with aftermarket serpentine belt systems you will often find it lies not with the system’s appearance but with its fitting. Its beauty is often obscured by the fact it doesn’t fit very well.

Concept One pioneered the first complete pulley system designs and in the latest issue of Maximum Drive magazine they discuss their formula.

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  1. If you look at my website you will see what I am preparing to launch in late 2015.
    I will be fitting all of the cars with new crate LS type engines & transmissions depending on the customers wants. I am possibly interested in using your product and would like to know what it requires to become a dealer for your product.

    Thank you, Bob Alford

    • Bob, Thanks for your email and comment. I’ve given your request to the Redd brothers, owners of Concept One Pulley Systems.


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