By Fergus Ogilvy

StaceyDavid-Host-of-GearZRattletrap Productions, Inc. has announced Stacey David’s GearZ® will begin airing on MAVTV starting October 2013.

More appealing still is word that an all-new season of GearZ is scheduled to premiere in early spring 2014. Episodes will air on Fridays, including Prime Time, and on Sundays.

Why the change?

“In searching for a new network,” concedes Stacey David, “We were astonished at the Jersey Shore/Honey Boo Boo mentality adopted by the major networks. Many actually told us they were more interested in promoting shows that emphasized stupidity and buffoonery, as opposed to quality, intelligent programming. That’s why we’re excited to be moving GEARZ to MAVTV.

 “Fortunately,” David continued, “MAV understands the gearhead mentality and embraces the lifestyle. Better still, they have a plan to build a network that enlightened Americans want to see. With the explosive growth of MAVTV, it won’t be long before they become the destination for automotive programming. We look forward to being in the middle of that.”

Stacey&RatRoasterNew Gearz website accessible by all electronic devices

To complement the new network, Stacey David is also unveiling a newly designed website that can be viewed by electronic devices of any size: smart phones, tablets, or laptops. The website ( or will continue to include information about Stacey, his projects, new product innovations, and the TV show.

In addition, plans are afoot to roll their current into a more user-friendly, cutting-edge social platform re-titled GearZNation©. Registered GearZNation members will need only an internet connection to watch new (and archived), full length episodes of GearZ.

Moreover, GearZNation will offer exclusive feature videos, opportunities to meet Stacey in person, personal profiles to swap stories with other gearheads, and registration for a chance to have Stacey come to your place and see what you are workin’ on. Details coming soon!

How to stay informed

Finally, with MAVTV and online viewing capabilities, everyone has the opportunity to join the fun and watch Stacey work his magic. To stay informed, sign up to receive Stacey’s e-mail updates by clicking here.

or link to Stacey through social outlets by clicking below.

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Gearzlogo1_smallStacey David is the Executive Producer and Host of Stacey David’s GearZ®. He is also the owner of Rattletrap Productions, Inc.