Wichita, Kansas: GForce Performance Engineering has introduced new one-piece aluminum driveshafts and 850hp axles for the 10-speed automatic transmission Mustang S550.

Precision engineered and for use in high-horsepower vehicles, these driveshafts feature solid-core U-joints. They are also high-speed balanced and supplied as a direct bolt-in factory replacement with perfect fit and alignment.

By omitting the CV joint, 5lb of unnecessary weight is removed from the front of the driveshaft, reducing stress and loads on output shaft and seals and eliminating CV joint wear and service. OEM driveshaft rubber couplers are also eliminated.



s550-2018-driveshaft-auto-2s550-2018-driveshaft-auto-3Both front and rear adapters attach to the stock yoke or flange and all necessary hardware is supplied for a trouble-free installation. Designed to maximize improved acceleration and response while handling increased stress and abuse, they weigh an average of 17 pounds.


Features include:

♦ 6061-T6 aluminum driveline tubing

♦ Splined slip-shaft design

♦ Solid core HD U-joints front & rear

♦ CNC-machined billet adapters (if applicable)

♦ Direct bolt-in installation

♦ Peak HP & torque increase

♦ Reduced rotating mass

♦ Increased fuel economy


Mustang S550 (2015+) 850 HP Axles, Left and Right


s550-axles-1 s550-axles-2 s550-axles-3

Completely redesigned from ground up, the all-new GForce Engineering Axles for the S550 Mustang are unlike any entry-level axle on the market. This axle set uses CNC-machined billet CV internals, one-piece CNC-machined inner and outer stubs and the strongest axle bars available in this configuration.



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