TorqStorm has announced a new carb hat to be included with all their 2017 and onward carbureted single supercharger kits.

Cast in lightweight aluminum (approx 2.25lbs) and more elegant by far than the two-can profile of its predecessor, it has shrunk in height to just 3.25 inches to reduce threats of minimal hood clearance.

For the most part, transferring pressurized air from a supercharger via a right-angle turn into the carburetor can be a tricky calculation—turbulence means power loss. Accordingly, TorqStorm collaborated with air flow specialist Dave Visner in its creation. Visner, who honed his talents in fluid dynamics with Detroit’s major players and more recently in Pro Stock, applied his craft efficiently. He also bestowed the hat with appealing oval proportions, a flat-sided oval inlet port (4in x 1.75in), and a sense of luxury and quality.

Measuring just under 8 inches in diameter at its widest, TorqStorm provides an O-ring to seal the hat to a 4150-style carburetor flange and three domed, stainless steel hexagon nuts—1/4-20tpi, 5/16-18 and 3/8-16—one of which will secure the hat to the centrally located stud of the carburetor. The nuts are flanged and grooved on their undersides and each contains an O-ring.

The carburetor hat’s flat-sided oval inlet uses a 3.5in silicone reducing elbow and a special Clampco 4.0in T-bolt clamp to connect with the metal tube and blow-off valve assembly.


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