PerTronix, the California-based exhaust and ignition specialist recently introduced a new CD ignition system. Fifty-state emissions-legal it’s called the Digital HP. Smallness and greater spark energy are two of its advances. So are 3-step rev limits and price. There are more:

• Ultra small form factor: 70% smaller than conventional CDI units for more installation options

• Increased spark energy: over 187mJ, about 30% more than current CD norm

• Integrated 3-step digital REV limiter to govern burnout limit, launch and fatal over REV protection

• Multiple spark function, which is active to red line and twice as fast as conventional units for better spark timing

• RPM activated trigger for accurate control of shift lights, solenoids and RPM devices

• Adjustable start-retard function makes starting high compression engines easier

•Available in a black or silver anodized finish

• 50-State emissions-legal

• $232.73

 PerTronix recommends either their Flame-Thrower III canister coils (44001, 44011) or their E-Core HC/HP coils (60103, 60100) for optimal performance on the street or at the track.  The Digital HP works with most ignition distributors, including points or electronic or with PerTronix’s new Flame-Thrower Billet Mag Trigger Distributors.

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