Written by Moore Good Ink

Roush Yates Engines recently unveiled a new lightweight 360 Sprint Car engine. Complying with ASCS engine rules the new engine is approximately 25-35lb lighter than its Chevy counterpart and is based on a Ford Motorsports cast iron block with a deck height of 9 inches. This deck height is chosen for its robustness, handling higher loads, and permits the use of long connecting rods. The longer rods generate less friction and produce excellent top-end performance. The 9-inch deck height not only provides sufficient space for the magneto and the fuel injection arrangement but also allows the desirable bore and stroke dimensions of 4.090 inches and 3.400 inches respectively. Perhaps the most impressive single item in the crankcase is the crankshaft—a proprietary component—which is REM finished, immensely strong, and gives the appearance of fine jewelry.


The cylinder heads are Brodix aluminum ASCS-spec heads specially prepared by Roush Yates. Fitted with titanium valves and retainers, inlet and exhaust, their lighter weight combined with the advanced Jesel valve-actuating system and roller tappets promote rapid engine acceleration.


Running on methanol and with 15:1 compression ratio and CP forged pistons, this new 360 Roush Yates Sprint Car engine bristles with all the best components, including a five-stage dry-sump arrangement, with four scavenge pumps and one pressure. Custom-built these new engines are supplied as complete as the customer wishes.


See this new race engine at the IMIS show Indianapolis, Dec 2-3, at the Roush Yates booth number 929 and also at the PRI Exhibition Orlando, Florida, Dec 10-12, booth number 3144


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