By Bertie Scott Brown, April 18, 2014

redhorse-logo-#1Redhorse Performance recently finalized a three-year Pro Mod Drag Racing Series sponsorship agreement with the NHRA. The arrival of the high-quality performance hose and fittings firm from Hickory Hills, Illinois, substantially reinforces the ranks of this year’s sponsors: Aeromotive, J&A Services, Jegs, Precision Turbo & Engine, and Offwire.

The opening event of the 2014 NHRA quarter-mile Pro Mod series occurred in Gainesville, Florida, March 14-16 and was won by the nitrous-assisted machine of Mike Castellana with Rickie Smith runner-up. Round two in Houston, Texas last weekend, April 25-27 was won by supercharged entry Mike Janis with runner-up Mike Castellana.

Redhorse blue fuel filterLast year, Redhorse, who has been in business about 10 years, introduced a new 100-micron inline fuel filter known as the 4151 series. With a diameter and length of 1-1/4in and 3-3/4in respectively, you might think achieving full fuel flow through such a small inline filter would be the pressing issue. But it wasn’t. “No,” said Tom Maycock, Redhorse National Sales Manager, “that’s not it. Originally the design featured a large hex nut at the center of the filter body, which sometimes became an impediment when mounting the filter on or close to chassis rails. Now the hex is placed on the filter ends, which streamlines the unit making it much easier to mount.”

Offered in both -8AN or -6AN, Redhorse supplies them in attractive blue, black, red or silver.


Redhorse Performance
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