Pinks All Out, Infineon Raceway, Sonoma: NPF nitrous Camaro impresses

USAF Sgt. Jason Brisson was so pleased with the performance of his ’95 Camaro he wrote us a note:

USAF Sgt. Jason Brisson was so pleased with the performance of his ’95 Camaro he wrote us a note:

From: Brisson, Jason N TSgt USAF AMC 60 OSS/OSK []
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 4:44 PM
Subject: Thanks Justin and NPF!!!!!

Hey Justin,

I just got back recently from doing Pinks All Out at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California and we recently had installed the 2 stage dry plate that you custom did for my setup. We had very little time to test the setup on radials prior to Pinks and had very inconsistent performance due to the radials/shock combo that we were running. So for Pinks All Out we decided to swap to double adjustable shocks and a true 10.5 ET Drag. The results were repeatable and amazing.

Your plate’s quality is second to none. We spent the whole weekend showing off the car to EVERYONE that wanted to know how we got a streetcar to perform jaw dropping wheel-stands and run 9’s each and every pass. On the smallest jets in the kit (150hp) and only activating 1 stage the car ripped off numerous 9.80’s all weekend. The runs were super consistent 9.82/9.86/9.89 and the entire nitrous system never missed a beat. I ran a huge nitrous pro flow decal on the back window to let everyone know the kit that powers this car. Again Justin I appreciate the help and quick setup of my custom plate.

Please share the pics from Pinks All Out with the rest of your team with my sincere thanks to everyone down there that builds the finest nitrous products available today. Pictures are worth a thousand words so please enjoy these.

A million thanks to you and Nitrous Pro Flow!!!!

Jason Brisson AKA Outlaw Z
1995 LT1 Camaro
383 ci TRUE LT1 block, AFR 227’s, SR cam, Single plane conversion

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