B1-supercoreBorgWarner Turbo Systems Aftermarket introduces replacement core assemblies for high performance turbocharger applications.


The AirWerks® SX-E super core is a complete turbo, less the turbine housing. The chief advantage of the new program is that, as more advanced technology is developed, the latest turbo upgrades become available without having to replace the turbine housing, which is the most expensive part.

New part numbers are purpose-engineered for both diesel and gasoline high performance applications and are available in S200 and S300 frame sizes.


SX-E cores contain the following new features:

-360 degree thrust bearing (S300SX-E only)

-Compressor cover integrated speed sensor port and pre-machined boost port

-Flexible compressor cover outlet options (S300SX-E only)

-Forged-milled compressor wheels with extended tip technology

-Optimized compressor stage aerodynamics

-Interchangeable with existing turbine housings for upgradability


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