Written by Moore Good Ink

circle track clutch, oval race clutchIn clutch performance probably the most curious trap into which oval track racers fall is believing there is a competitive advantage between a 4.5in and a 5.5in racing clutch—lower moment of inertia and all that. In reality though, most top teams will tell you there is no discernible difference—except the smaller one usually fails quicker.

Measuring 6in and called the Assault Weapon, Ram Clutches insists it has all the performance advantages while enduring more heat, more abuse and resisting severe wear better than any smaller diameter racing clutch.


Ram clutches, oval track clutch,Columbia, SC: Ram’s new 6in Assault Weapon is the latest oval track clutch assembly to wear the badge of the Columbia, SC competition clutch company.

Engineered to maintain the lightest rotating mass yet provide the best remedy for premature wear associated with small-diameter racing clutches, Ram has endowed its assault weapon with lightness and durability.

Available with twin or triple discs, which take advantage of its diameter and thicker sintered bronze metallic friction surfaces, Ram proclaims the Assault Weapon will endure more heat, more abuse, and resist more severe wear than any smaller diameter racing clutch.

Full billet construction and of re-buildable design, the Assault Weapon has the ability to disperse high temperatures without distorting the discs.

Comprising flywheel, friction discs, floater plates, pressure plate, spring diaphragm and cover, the clutch assembly is available with dual (10.1lbs) or triple discs and with 10 or 26 splines.

Ram’s twin- and triple-disc Assault Weapons start at $599

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