Written by Moore Good Ink

Brake Bleeder KitBicknell, UT: The Phoenix Systems’ MAXPROTM is a new, premium, one-person brake and clutch bleeding system designed for the auto racing market, the performance aftermarket, and the professional service market.

Considered by many as the World’s best brake and clutch bleeding tool, the MaxPro features patented reverse brake bleeding technology, essential for bleeding modern ABS systems. Using one of the simpler laws of physics (air rises in fluid), simply inject the fluid at the lowest point in the brake or clutch system, at the wheel caliper or cylinder, and squeeze the handle. As the fluid is forced into the hydraulic system the air is forced up and out of the master cylinder reservoir. It’s that simple. Brake and clutch systems can be bled in minutes by one person-even ABS systems, or any system that is difficult to bleed.

Endorsed by General Motors, the US Military, and Raybestos, the MAXPRO is designed for arduous, repeated use. With just one operator brake and clutch lines can be bled in half the time of traditional methods, and the makers declare the MAXPRO will expel trapped air that is not possible to expel by any other method. In addition to reverse bleeding, the MAXPRO can bleed hydraulic systems using three other techniques: by vacuum, pressure, or bench bleeding.

During vacuum-bleeding negative pressure is exerted on the system from each bleeder valve. This negative pressure or vacuum draws the fluid from the reservoir, through the system and out the bleeder valves. Vacuum bleeding is the most practical method for evacuating old fluid from braking systems before replenishing with new fluid. However, some ABS braking systems require a scan tool when vacuum bleeding, unlike reverse bleeding where most vehicles can be bled without a scan tool.

During pressure-bleeding the fluid in the reservoir is pressurized, forcing it from the master cylinder, through the lines, and out the bleeder valves when opened. This technique sometimes requires a scan tool for ABS braking systems, unlike reverse bleeding.

close-up imageFinally, the goal of bench-bleeding is to purge air from new components before installation, especially master cylinders on vehicles with ABS and calipers and various other ABS components. The parts are placed in a vice and subjected to a combination of reverse bleeding and pressure-bleeding. This new Phoenix reverse brake bleeder is unparalleled in this task, especially with the 2- and 4-outlet quick-take-up master cylinders used by Ford, GM, Chrysler, and some imports.  No other tool can bench-bleed these components before installation.

The construction of the MAXPRO is of heavy-duty steel and die-cast aluminum. It is also a versatile hydraulic and pneumatic device that is supplied with adapters for vacuum, pressure, and pulse generation as well as bench and cross-bleeding methods. The cost of the new MAXPRO is $369.99

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