LS conversion kits hit new peaks

LSXValveCovers2By Alfie Bilk, October 27, 2014

Sugar Hill, GA: Southern Performance Systems (SPS) radiates a singular identification: LS conversions.

The conversions are usually applied to older hot rods and at their heart lies the eminent LS3 engine transmitting through a Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed manual transmission via a Force 10.5 dual-disc Ram clutch.

But company policy differed this year when they released their signature LS hardware in kit form. Comprehensive, the new conversion kit includes an engine-transmission installation kit, cooling system, exhaust headers, and a fuel system. The cooling system contains a direct bolt-in radiator with electric fans. The fuel system kit incorporates a tank with in-tank pump system, regulator, fuel-sending unit and all the lines and fittings from the intake manifold to the tank. Of special note is a unique fuel vent arrangement that eradicates any hint of fuel fumes from hot rods running in pre-emissions condition. The complete kit sells for $3,295.


A unique fuel vent arrangement that eradicates any hint of fuel fumes from hot rods running in pre-emissions condition

Founded by John Tucker in 1994, SPS’s new LS installation kit has proved to be the most important kit of parts in the company’s recent history. “Since its release enthusiasts who wish to perform the conversions themselves have eagerly embraced it,” admits Tucker.

Predictably Tucker’s passion for the construction of glorious hot rods extends to other admirable pieces. For those who cherish fine valve covers he has introduced the finest. Refreshingly, a sense of economy was not the objective. Not for him were cast aluminum off-shore cheap-and-cheerful coil concealers. Instead he created captivating examples of the way good engineering should be and enlivened the design with a much more adventurous approach in billet, often incorporating an emblem insert proudly revealing the engine’s status.




For further information contact:

Southern Performance Systems

Sugar Hill, GA

(678) 482-0866






  1. Will you have a booth at SEMA? If so what’s your number?

    • Hello Michael,

      Sorry to say we won’t be attending SEMA, but don’t hesitate to contact me if more information is needed. Thanks John (678) 482-0866


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