By Ben Mozart

Late last week Richard Maskin revealed that Dart Machinery is releasing a new engine block, the Little M 305.

Refreshingly, this is a direct replacement for the now obsolete 5-liter power units so prevalent in Chevrolet cars and pickup trucks from the mid-nineteen seventies to the mid-nineties. Camaro models employed the 305 from 1976 to ’92; it was even installed in the 1980 Corvette not to mention its popularity in boat propulsion. But curiously, the 305’s resurrection was initiated from a much more improbable place: the amphitheater of the Sprint car arena.


French Grimes

In recent years, French Grimes, head of Virginia’s RACESAVER organization, shook the Sprint car establishment by transforming the struggling 305 class from disarray to order. In fact Grimes, a master organizer, has emerged with almost 1,000 race cars competing in what has become one of this country’s most successful racing series. But RACESAVER’s remarkable growth forced the obsolescent 305 engine blocks virtually out of existence—until the dynamics of Dart intervened.

Standard bore 3.720in Maximum bore 3.800in
Complete water flow around all cylinders
Small-bore full water-jacket block with all the sensible features of the acclaimed Little M
Lifeline for 1,000 Sprint car campaigners: RACESAVER ® relishes prospects

Dart-Little-M-SportsmanTroy MI: Dart Machinery has unveiled a new 5-liter engine block. It is known as the Little M 305 and its arrival is hotly anticipated as its predecessor neared extinction.

Created as a direct-replacement for GM’s 305 small-block, which was used extensively in Muscle cars, passenger cars, pickup trucks and boats from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s, Dart’s most immediate need is to satisfy the demands of RACESAVER ®, the prominent Sprint car organization, whose nationwide racing series was founded on and has been propelled by the 305 for decades.

Produced in premium cast iron RMR alloy, the Little M 305 engine block maintains a Brinell hardness rating of 220. By using properties similar to those employed in all Dart race-series blocks, its construction compares favorably with the original stock materials rated at around 180 Brinell. A direct derivative of the Little M, this 305 possesses all its established features, but with smaller cylinder bores and non-Siamese full water jacket construction. Blind-tapped head bolt holes are used throughout to deter water leaks.

Dart-Little-M-Sportsman-Block-BottomCreated with a standard bore of 3.720in and maximum of 3.800in., Dart’s Little M 305 features strengthened cylinder walls and robust bulkheads in stark contrast to the slightly delicate original unit. Conveniently, it accepts all Chevrolet small-block cylinder heads. In fact, given its conventional small-block deck height, it accommodates all standard off-the-shelf parts.

In addition the block is endowed with extra thick decks to ensure reliable head gasket sealing and a competition oiling system for dependable lubrication of the main bearings at high rpm. Using the 350 main bearing parameters, this new block employs ductile iron caps. Front and rear caps are of the two-bolt style while the three center caps use a four-bolt arrangement. The outer bolts are splayed for extra strength. Online casino for Aussies –

Finally, Dart’s Little M 305 block will be on display at this year’s PRI show (booth # 2211) at the Indiana Convention Center, Dec 12-14.

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