Written by Moore Good Ink, October 6, 2008

Engine Masters logoEngine builder extraordinaire Jon Kaase placed first and also third in the 2008 Engine Masters’ Challenge, held at the University of North Western Ohio, October 1-3.

Kaase, whose name is synonymous with Pro Stock engine-building success—his engines have been victorious in fourteen years of IHRA and NHRA championships, won this year’s competition with a 403 CID Ford Cleveland engine and also claimed third place while debuting their new 434 CID Boss engine.

The Kaase team, comprising Jon, the accomplished Project Manager Cliff Moore, and their astute dyno technician Greg Brown, qualified for the competition on Thursday, passed tech inspection on Friday evening, and collected top honors Saturday.  The Cleveland engine featured Kaase’s new C-400 cylinder heads; the other demonstrated the effectiveness of the new Kaase Boss 429 heads.

The Engine Masters’ Challenge is an annual invitational event, which permits thirty of the country’s foremost engine builders to participate. Competition begins on Monday and by Friday the field is reduced to six rivals.  The scoring method employed at this event is ingenious. Each competitor records the average horsepower and average torque from 2,500 to 6,500 rpm over three runs.  These figures are added together and divided by the engine’s cubic inch displacement.

Presentation of checkThe Boss 429 engine used Diamond pistons, Trend pushrods, and Trend wrist pins.
The small block used Trend wrist pins.  Both engines were fitted with Ram flywheels

Jon Kaase Racing Engines won the 2003 Engine Master’s Challenge with a 468 CID Super Cobra Jet Big-block Ford engine and again in 2004 with a 408 CID Small-block Ford.

For more information visit: http://www.popularhotrodding.com/enginemasters/challenge/0801em_engine_masters_challenge/index.html