Written by Moore Good Ink

Holley Carburetor, NASCAR’s Sprint Cup This year every car in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup series has been running the billet version of Holley’s new EFI Terminator throttle body.

Though the Cup cars run multi-port injection while Holley’s new Terminator runs an innovative annular-discharge injection, both systems share the same patent-pending air entry contours, a creation from the fertile brain of the Bowling Green engineers in Kentucky.

The Terminator’s new patent-pending device operates through 32 discharge holes in a 950cfm throttle body—each of the four barrels ejecting from 8 tiny ports in a 360-degree discharge ring.

NASCAR’s Sprint Cup car, Holley Terminator, 2012 SEMA exhibitionControlled by a self-tuning ECU and equipped with serviceable sensors and 80lb/hr injectors, the Terminator installs on any standard 4150-style intake manifold. The ECU is fully potted and protected from vibration, dust and moisture. The sensors are integrated into the throttle body and pre-wired for convenient connections while the injectors support engine power from 250-600hp.

Easy to install with no computer experience necessary and consisting of a throttle body, ECU, and hand-held tuner, this new Holley system boasts an impressive array of unique features. In addition to its advanced self-learning attributes, the ECU also accepts communications from laptops.

The Terminator, which was first revealed at the 2012 SEMA exhibition, will again be on show at PRI (booth 3769, Nov 29-Dec1) and IMIS (booth 343, Dec6-8). Production of Holley’s Terminator is expected around April 2013.

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