Written by Moore Good Ink

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Since Wilson’s new D-rails were revealed to the racing and performance markets last November, two new, valuable attributes have emerged.

First, it was discovered that racers and enthusiasts would experiment with E85 or switch to methanol and therefore require substantially more fuel. Interestingly, even four-cylinder EVO turbo teams when they switched to E-85 to cool the charge encountered fuel delivery shortages. Compared with OEM and other aftermarket fuel rails, Wilson’s D-rails have 50 percent greater capacity.

Second, Pro Mod cars and Bonneville cars and other vehicles with twin turbos and twin injectors have benefited from the D-rail’s greater volume (capacity), greater flow (gallons per hour), and better distribution. Pro Mod cars making 3,500 horsepower with two injectors per cylinder (16 injectors) feed off just two D-rails (one per side), each rail supporting 1700-1800 horsepower.

These D-rails also solve the problem of unequal distribution. Often, injectors and cylinders are robbed of fuel as it rushes past the injector ports in the fuel rails, and in some instances, fuel is actually siphoned out of the injector ports. 

Most recently, the D-rail’s ability to improve volume, flow, and distribution was demonstrated on the Daytona Prototypes, where engine power is strictly regulated. Whether GM, Pontiac, or Porsche motors, they all picked-up power with Wilson’s D-rails. 



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