Derek Scott forms Mid-South Performance

By Fergus Ogilvy

Derek ScottAtoka, TN: Derek Scott has formed a racing parts supply house in Atoka, 30 miles northeast of Memphis, Tennessee.

Serving engine builders chiefly, Scott is highly regarded having served the past dozen years or more at Comp Cams.

He developed an early passion for the advancement of race engine components, and at various stages of his career has been crucially involved in most disciplines from NASCAR to the short–track ovals and from drag racing to truck and tractor pulling.

Already established with Comp, Trend Performance, Diamond Pistons, Total Seal, Ram Clutches, KRC Power Steering, Wilson Manifolds and others, Derek Scott can be reached:


Mid-South Performance

245 Commercial Dr. Suite C

Atoka, TN 38004

(901) 647-1377



  1. Derek…….. I worked with you, @ Comp Cams, a few years ago as an advisor for cams in my 4-cylinder race engine builds. You never failed to guide me in the right direction. 3-4 short oval-track Championships under our belts, using your advice. If, in your new business, you plan to ‘build’ a catalog, I certainly would like to have a copy.

    Dave Carpenter
    Secord Motorsports
    P.O. Box 153
    Thurston, OH 43157-0153

  2. Dave,

    Thank you for the kind words. That was very polite of you. Please email me or call me direct at 901-647-1377 anytime.

    Thank you again, I really appreciate it and am glad to hear about the Championships!! Awesome buddy!!!!

    Derek Scott


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