Written by Moore Good Ink

ATI Performance Products won this year’s SEMA award for Best New Performance Racing Product.

Best New Performance Racing Product, Sema awardCompany spokesman, Randy Bruette, said “Under the stresses of drag racing the stock Turbo 400 transmission case has a tendency to break, usually in the bell housing area or intermediate lug area.”

When ATI identified the weak areas they designed their new aftermarket unit as a two-piece replacement: a transmission casing with separate bell housing. As the company already has separate bell housings for their competition Powerglide transmissions they simply modeled the front end of their new Turbo 400 SuperCase to accept their existing interchangeable bell housings.

ATI Performance Products won, transmissionCast in 356-T6 aluminum and constructed to meet SFI 4.1 standards, this new award-winning transmission fits Chevrolet, Ford, Mopar, or Toyota-powered vehicles. In addition it accepts most of the popular valve bodies on the market today and uses 99 percent of Turbo 400 replacement parts.

Though the case was instigated by drag racers, who were asking for a strong 3-speed transmission to replace the 2-speed, it was off-road racers and desert racers who further changed the course of its development. When they noticed the prototype they asked if the rear end could be beefed-up to solve their problems. “Off Road racers, especially four-wheel-drive racers who propel the trucks over the jumps tend to break the tail end of the transmission case,” said Bruette. “So we strengthened it while maintaining the original bolt pattern, permitting all of the four-wheel-drive cases available to attach to it.”

This year ATI scored the ultimate triumph with the SEMA judges. Their new designs are deemed to be strong and safe and the company anticipates the units will transmit in excess of 3,000hp. “The actual mechanics inside were not the issue,” said Randy Bruette, “drag racers cracked the bell housing and the off-roaders cracked the back end.”

See ATI’s award-winning transmission case at PRI booth 3763

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