Written by Moore Good Ink

belt drive assemblyMooresville, NC: It’s no secret that most popular pushrod-engine racing technology, regardless of venue, is rightly born of the rigors of NASCAR racing. Timing gear is no exception. In the late eighties, the dry-running, cog-belt-driven system rose from timing chain failures that frequented NASCAR racers during 500-mile contests.

Ostensibly developed for the Roush Yates 358 cubic inch (NASCAR, ARCA, Craftsman Truck Series) and 436 cubic inch (WSORR and TORC off-road series) engines, its new cog-belt system is a precise link between camshaft and crankshaft, tough enough to endure 24-hour races such as Daytona and Le Mans or a full-season of circle track competition. Further, the system enhances any engine based on the Ford Windsor cylinder block.

Years of service are assured simply by replacing the belt at recommended intervals (before every race, yearly, or as abuse dictates). Besides producing less friction and being more durable than gear- or chain-drives, the Roush Yates system offers race and high-performance street engines a number of advantages:

1. Adds external accessibility and adjustability of the timing gear itself, which can be advanced or retarded (up to 25 degrees overall) during dyno testing and tuning. No need to remove the front cover of the engine or drain the coolant system

2. Eliminates harmful harmonics to guard against valve train instability

3. Provides billet aluminum upper pulley for additional strength and features cogged-tooth configuration

4. Supplies heat-treated steel cogged-tooth crankshaft pulley for strength and reliability

5. Accommodates both dry-sump and wet-sump oiling systems

6. Features upper vent ports for cooler-running belt assembly

7. Furnishes all Grade 8-spec fasteners for strength and protection against most metallurgical failures that affect fasteners

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