Written by Moore Good Ink First, we would like to thank all those who visited the Demon booth during the SEMA exhibition in Las Vegas, November 1 to 4. With regard to those we missed, our Sales Manager Scott Witmer will be on foot during the PRI exhibition on Friday and Saturday December 2 and 3 at the Orange Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. Scott looks forward to meeting many of our old friends and customers. Further to our recent news bulletin, Demon is pleased to announce the following part numbers assigned to the first eleven carburetors: Road Demons, Speed Demons, and Mighty Demons. All Demon carburetors are now built under strict quality assurance standards ISO Q9001-2008 Demon Carbs Part # Description 1402010 750 Speed Demon Mechanical 1282010 650 Speed Demon Mechanical 1563010 850 Speed Demon Mechanical 1402010VE 750 Speed Demon Vacuum Secondary 1282010VE 650 Speed Demon Vacuum Secondary 1563010VE 850 Speed Demon Vacuum Secondary 4282010VE 625 Road Demon Vac. Sec. With Ford Linkage 4402020VE 725 Road Demon Vac. Sec. With Ford Linkage 5402010GC 750 Mighty Demon Mechanical 5402020GC 750 Mighty Demon Annular Mechanical 5563010GC 850 Mighty Demon Mechanical demon-carbs-excel-file Concerning service parts Demon has revived 111 part numbers. These are now presented in all-new Demon clam-shell packaging. Demon Service Parts Part # Description Part # Description 190000 R/B Kit Gas Road Demon Jr. 240025 Std. Power Valve – 2.5 190004 R/B Kit-Gas 4 BL Mechanical Secondary Demon 240035 Std. Power Valve 3.5 190003 R/B Kit-Vacuum Secondary Demon 240045 Std. Power Valve 4.5 230050 Standard Main Metering Jets 2-Pack .050 240050 Std. Power Valve – 5.0 230051 Standard Main Metering...

For Upgraded LS Engines Ram Announces 3 New 12in Clutch Sets

Written by Moore Good Ink Columbia, SC: Ram has announced Heavy Duty clutch sets (pressure plate and clutch plate) for upgraded GM LS-powered vehicles, including the Camaro through 2011, with the following increases in torque capacity. Measuring 12 inches in diameter yet operating within the confines of the conventional flat-style OEM 168-tooth flywheel, Ram’s HD set transmits torque capacity of up to 550ft/lb; their Powergrip 650ft/lb; and the Powergrip HD 750ft/lb. The friction linings featured on these single-plate clutch sets are either organic or metallic or a combination of both. A familiar trail blazed by Ram, they use organic materials on their HD style to provide smooth engagement and a metallic construction on their high-end Powergrip HD series. Their metallic 900 series contributes a higher co-efficient of friction with formidable holding power. On their intermediate clutch set, the Powergrip, they use both materials-placing the organic side toward the flywheel and the metallic side toward the pressure plate. Performance enthusiasts often report three common shortcomings with factory LS clutches: high pedal engagement, uneven pedal feel (initial hard pedal changing to soft), and an inability to re-engage at high engine speeds. The high speed engagement difficulties are caused by the clutch diaphragm travelling over-center at full pedal travel. As a result the centrifugal force doesn’t permit re-engagement. Ram has rectified this ailment by introducing a revised diaphragm with improved geometry. These clutch sets also induce lighter pedal effort and a more consistent, smooth feel throughout pedal travel. Ram also incorporates a helix hub to eliminate gear rattle. When modern transmissions switched from conventional gear oil to automatic transmission fluid to reduce parasitic...

Demon Resurrection Set for Mid December

Written by Moore Good Ink Demon Carburetion has announced plans to start production of the Demon carburetor line in early December. During last week’s SEMA exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Center, November 1 to 4, company sales manager Scott Witmer said that 650, 750, and 850 Speed Demons should be ready for shipment no later than mid-December. These new Speed Demons with be available with both mechanical and vacuum secondary operation and initially all will feature down-leg booster venturii. Additionally, two types of Mighty Demon and three types of Road Demon will be in production by early February. Service parts including rebuild kits, jets, power valves and gaskets will be released throughout the month of December to support carburetors already in the marketplace. Now finished in a silver die chromate, all Demon carburetors will be subjected to stringent ISO Q9001-2008 quality assurance standards and wet-flow tested before dispatch. To obtain further technical details or to place orders, contact Scott Witmer by telephone (270) 438-2039 or by e-mail:     On its first dyno-pull, a Mighty Demon carburetor powered Jon Kaase’s latest 427cu in small-block P38 engine, recording 717hp @ 6,900rpm and 622ft-lb torque @ 5,300rpm. The P38 with its canted valves will be launched at this year’s PRI exhibition, December 1-3, at the Jon Kaase booth (5342).       Demon Carburetion emerged in the late nineties. It was formed by Barry Grant, a creative genius who a decade earlier had introduced the first high-volume drag racing fuel pump and followed it with an array of interesting carburetors, including square four-barrel and inline four-barrel arrangements, three-deuce designs and...

Fuelab claims prestigious SEMA prize and launches new fuel systems for Diesel performance engines

Written by Moore Good Ink Fuelab’s remarkable Electronic Fuel Pressure Regulator claimed Runner-Up spot in SEMA’s Best Engineered New Product category during last week’s annual exhibition in Las Vegas. In addition they won the Global Media Award with the same product. SEMA officials accumulated almost 2000 entries for their various categories. Beyond this the Litchfield, Illinois, fuel delivery specialists used the exhibition to launch its new Velocity series. Comprising new pumps and regulators and installation kits, the velocity series is engineered for high performance diesel engines, particularly Dodge and Duramax. For more details click here.velocitysalessheet Next month Fuelab will be exhibiting in Orlando at the PRI exhibition, Dec 1-3 (booth 2313) and a week later in Indianapolis at IMIS, Dec 8-10 (booth 1632). For further information contact: Fuelab 826-A Morton Court Litchfield, IL 62056 Telephone (217) 324-3737 E-mail:

Turn Key Introduces Road Runner for 5.0 liter Coyote Engines

Written by Moore Good Ink For hot rodders who purchase modern crate engines and transmissions, Turn Key Engine Supply of Oceanside, California, fulfill a vital function: they provide all the necessary components needed to complete the installation. These components often include pulley systems, computers, wiring harnesses, starter motors and fuel systems. Although best known for their GM LS kits, at last week’s SEMA show the firm displayed their latest pulley system for the Ford Coyote engine. For 2012, Turn Key will be focusing their creative energy on pulley systems and related components for Ford’s 3.5L twin-turbo Ecoboost. For further information contact: Turn Key Engine Supply 2620 Temple Heights Dr. Oceanside CA 92056 Telephone (760) 941-2741 e-mail