Written by Moore Good Ink

Demon Carburetion has announced plans to start production of the Demon carburetor line in early December. During last week’s SEMA exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Center, November 1 to 4, company sales manager Scott Witmer said that 650, 750, and 850 Speed Demons should be ready for shipment no later than mid-December. These new Speed Demons with be available with both mechanical and vacuum secondary operation and initially all will feature down-leg booster venturii.

Additionally, two types of Mighty Demon and three types of Road Demon will be in production by early February.

Service parts including rebuild kits, jets, power valves and gaskets will be released throughout the month of December to support carburetors already in the marketplace.

Now finished in a silver die chromate, all Demon carburetors will be subjected to stringent ISO Q9001-2008 quality assurance standards and wet-flow tested before dispatch.

To obtain further technical details or to place orders, contact Scott Witmer by telephone (270) 438-2039 or by e-mail: ScottWitmer@DemonCarbs.com



On its first dyno-pull, a Mighty Demon carburetor powered Jon Kaase’s latest 427cu in small-block P38 engine, recording 717hp @ 6,900rpm and 622ft-lb torque @ 5,300rpm. The P38 with its canted valves will be launched at this year’s PRI exhibition, December 1-3, at the Jon Kaase booth (5342).




Demon Carburetion emerged in the late nineties. It was formed by Barry Grant, a creative genius who a decade earlier had introduced the first high-volume drag racing fuel pump and followed it with an array of interesting carburetors, including square four-barrel and inline four-barrel arrangements, three-deuce designs and even single-barrel carburetors as well as an innovative venturi fuel injection concept, and many with accompanying intake manifolds.

From the beginning the carburetors produced exceptional power and were used extensively with all forms of domestic V8 racing engines as well as in high performance street vehicles. But mid-way through the last decade the company began to lose its way and inevitably found itself on its beam ends, closing it doors on February 18, 2011. There it languished until July when its operating assets were purchased by High Performance Industries. Now led by a team of industry enthusiasts this competent brand with its remarkable history is once again poised to participate in high performance motoring.

For further information contact:
Demon Carburetion
Scott Witmer
Telephone (270) 438-2039
E-mail: ScottWitmer@DemonCarbs.com