By Sam Logan

For smooth drivability, use organic disc series for up to 800hp
For higher power, use metallic disc series (1,000 to 1,100hp)
For racing purposes use metallic series for 750hp and over

Ram-ZL-1 Clutch UpgradeColumbia, SC: To transmit aftermarket power adder increases applied to the 2014 model ZL1 Camaro, RAM has announced two new 10.5in dual-disc upgraded clutch–flywheel systems. 

Direct replacements for the original equipment 10in dual-disc clutch and dual-mass flywheel arrangement, Ram’s new systems are distinguished by their greater clamping power, lighter weight, and special friction materials: 300 series and 900 series.

The 300 series is described as an organic friction type that with light pedal pressure transmits up to 800hp under normal circumstances; that is conventional tire compounds, gearing, and weight. On the other hand, the 900 series is characterized by its metallic friction materials that transmit up to 1,000 to 1,100hp. Residing in the hub of the outer clutch disc, urethane encapsulated springs resist four times the compression rate of uncoated springs.

Ram-ZL-1FlywheelTo sustain greater torque loadings, Ram’s cover assembly, which is equipped with a nodular iron pressure ring, develops clamping pressures of 2,400psi. Also worth noting, a special billet aluminum flywheel is provided with dimensions that properly position the clutch discs on the OE transmission input splines. Better still, this new flywheel-clutch assembly (PN 80-2112) weighs 50lbs compared with the rather hefty original at 65.5lb. 

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