Performance fix for mild-mannered engines

Performance fix for mild-mannered engines

By Sam Logan:

Grand Rapids, Michigan – TorqStorm’s new billet aluminum centrifugal supercharger is not designed for racing use. Instead its purpose is to increase a stock engine’s power output by an average of 40 percent.

Presented with a life-time warranty, its gearbox and bearing housing are constructed of 6061-T6 billet aluminum alloy. It functions by blowing through a fuel-injection throttle body or carburetor.

Engineered and supplied in convenient engine kits, these include a blow-through bonnet and the plumbing materials that connect it to the supercharger as well as all necessary mounting hardware. Neither fuel system plumbing nor carburetor or throttle body is included.

Flowing sufficient air to support 700+hp, the TorqStorm unit employs ceramic bearings, tool steel straight-cut gears and a billet compressor wheel in the style of a turbo impeller. An adjustable belt tensioner is also included as is a useful V-band clamping arrangement that allows rotation of the cast aluminum compressor cover and thus easy routing of the boosted air to the bonnet or intercooler.

Available in natural alloy or black anodized or with a micro-polished finish, TorqStorm charger kits feature their own self-contained oil supply further simplifying installation and eliminating the need for oil feed lines.

Finally, TorqStorm provides a vacuum-controlled blow-off valve, which serves a dual purpose. First, it only allows boost to occur above light throttle; that is when vacuum falls to a preset level. It also releases excessive boost pressures, which prevents damage to the system when the throttle suddenly closes on deceleration.

Prices start at $2,800

For more information contact:

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  1. Hi, I’m interested in a supercharger kit for a 2007 SRT8 Dodge Charger 6.1L. I would like to have more info on a complete kit, including intercooler, piping, fuel system etc. I basically want to know what all I need to complete the system and if I can purchase everything from you’ll. Thanks

    • The supercharger kit we build for a 6.1L LX Body is a tuner kit. The fuel system, intercooler option and tuning system need to be addressed. The routing of the airflow from the supercharger needs to be plumbed once the end user or installing shop decide how the project is being completed. The supercharger kit could make 425hp or 750hp. The supporting pieces that are utilized along with the supercharger end up determining the actual power output. Once you know what kind of power output, budget or depth you want to take the system, we can advise you what parts make sense to get your project where you want it.


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