By Fergus Ogilvy

RAM-SegmentedFlywheelIn the autumn of 2012 Ram heralded a change in the design of aluminum pressure rings of some competition clutch cover assemblies: they added steel segments that could expand and contract and thus avoid the adverse effect of distortion. This year they have applied similar technology to their new aluminum competition flywheels. Please see my attached release for details.



Columbia SC: Six steel friction-inserts lay at the heart of Ram Clutches’ latest lightweight aluminum drag racing flywheels for single-disc clutch systems.

Developed as a direct-replacement item for sintered iron or metallic clutches, the chief motivation for employing friction inserts is their resistance to warping or distortion. Inevitably, as the threat of distortion recedes and heat dissipation improves, durability increases.

Available for small-block and big-block Chevrolets and Fords the new flywheels offer an overall weight reduction of 5 pounds or more. Reduced mass lowers the polar moment of inertia thus improves acceleration. It also induces less wheel spin.

Fully machined in-house from 7075 material, these flywheels use the same friction inserts successfully employed in Ram’s aluminum pressure rings. Furthermore, they are easily serviced in the field as they are mounted with screws from the rear side.

Around the perimeter of the flywheel are a series of holes that accommodate tubular stands and press-in Grade 8 hardware to attach the pressure plate. This arrangement, which includes shims between the stands and the pressure plate, offers convenient ring height adjustment. In addition, to prevent wear while removing and reinstalling the flywheel, hardened inserts are used in the mounting holes that attach it to the crankshaft.

Also worth noting, this new Ram SFI-certified flywheel, which is supplied with a starter gear ring heat-shrunk in place and machined for three button-head securing screws, is identified by the following part numbers:


2601    Chevrolet SB/BB internal balance 168 tooth         Retail $649

2616    Ford SB internal balance 164 tooth                      Retail $649

2519    Ford BB internal balance 184 tooth                      Retail $679

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