Story-webWritten by Sam Logan, September 5, 2014

Last year Mike Androwick’s big-block cylinder head designs won the Northeast Dirt Modified championship. Winner Brett Hearn with over 800 career victories was quick to recommend their virtues: “I’ve never driven a smoother race engine. Better still, it’s effective on any track and under any conditions.”

Now on the newsstands, read about Androwick in the September issue of Speedway Illustrated or click here.

Note to engine builders:

Speedway-Illustrated-September-2014If you are fortunate enough to know Karl Fredrickson, the editor of Speedway Illustrated magazine, you might be reminded of a fundamental taught by your parents: Nothing endures like personal qualities.

Conscientious and meticulous in the way in which he runs the magazine, Fredrickson has long maintained a deep commitment to the independent race engine builder. He’s keenly aware that without them the stability of his beloved sport would be greatly jeopardized.

Last year, when two races were run in which the rules prohibited OE crate engines, Speedway Illustrated extended a one-year advertising contract to the winning engine builder.

This year the magazine is providing a no-charge subscription to your shop. Just forward your name and address in the Comment Box below and you’ll be added to their distribution list.