Written by Moore Good Ink

What is it that would persuade Lamar Walden to enter the serpentine drive business? He succeeded in building an image so favorable—the definitive authority on the Chevrolet 409—that his engine shop has been a dynamo of energy for over forty years.

“Well, our local specialists, Concept One, don’t make a serpentine kit for the 409, so I looked at a couple of others brands. After installing one kit my customer barely made it out of our driveway before the serpentine system destroyed the water pump—it was turning way too fast. And on the second occasion a freeze plug was blown out of the block! But it was belt squeal under acceleration and the lack of options that finally put us in the serpentine belt business.”

Here is news of Lamar Walden’s new belt systems for the desirable W engine—the 409.

Lamar Walden pulley systemDoraville GA: Lamar Walden has taken the initiative and unveiled a new series of serpentine belt systems to suit Chevrolet 409 high-performance engines. Importantly, it is the first serpentine system available for aluminum 409s.

Though all the kits have an effective spring-loaded idler to avert belt squealing, it is the options available that are, perhaps, the most appealing. The full kit includes the A/C compressor, power steering pump, alternator, and high-flow water pump. In addition it contains all necessary pulleys, brackets, Gatorback belt and accessories. “However, most of our performance guys,” says Lamar, “particularly those that run at the track, don’t use the A/C compressor or power assist on the steering.”

serpentine belt systems, Chevrolet 409,  high- performance engineIn addition to the wide range of options, attention has been paid to proper pulley gearing particularly the water pump, which can fail if turned to excessive speeds. “Creating a new serpentine belt system is a craft,” contends Lamar; “It pays to study the problems before you start.”

Manufactured from billet aluminum 6061-T6 and finished in either machine satin or polished, prices start at $1,495. An optional SFI-approved harmonic balancer is also available.



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