by Jim Mozart
Photos by Moore Good Ink

LMR Magazine, multi-disc clutch, Oval track clutch, Ram Clutch techCommonly, multi-disc racing clutches vary from 4.25-inch to 7.25-inch. Racers often favor the smallest diameter clutches available because they believe an advantage can be found in its lighter rotating mass. Yet experience demonstrates that smallness rarely makes an appreciable difference—except in diminishing the clutch’s durability.

Some clutch makers fervently believe that the slightly larger diameter clutch with thicker friction materials can withstand much more abuse than its smaller counterpart. Constant racing starts, for example, on a small unit can result in severe wear. Such doctrine is firmly held by Ram, the Columbia, S.C., long-time racing clutch maker. Monitoring the condition of the multi-plate racing clutch is an essential yet simple operation.

When replacing the friction discs during servicing, renew the full pack and ensure the pads are in vertical alignment to apply the clamp load evenly down through the pack. Also, oils and grease cause slippage and damage to clutch components. Always check the oil pan and main seals. 

Here is how Ram checks their 6.25-inch Assault Weapon.

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