"If it doesn't live on the dyno pull it won't live on the salt"

Written by Moore Good Ink

On its last visit to Bonneville, Duttweiler’s record-holding 300cu inch turbocharged small block ran 436mph in the Poteet & Main Speed Demon. “The advantage of Diamond pistons at high boost pressures,” said Ken Duttweiler, “is they don’t crack or bend-they are free of deflection concerns.”

Earlier the astute Duttweiler had created a program that enables their dynamometer to assimilate four- to five-mile Bonneville passes at speeds in excess of 400mph. They run it up from 6,000 to 8,500rpm, assimilating each gear change, and when they reach full throttle in 5th gear with 30lb of boost the dyno runs for a further 1min and 10sec with power output at 1,900hp and an exhaust system glowing bright white hot. Says Diamond advocate Duttweiler, “If it doesn’t live on the dyno pull it won’t live on the salt.”

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