By Archie Bosman

AMSOIL-EM-LOGO-2010Contingency sponsors have guaranteed a handsome reward that could exceed $80,000 for the 11th Annual 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge.  The competition, which celebrates the gathering of the country’s finest engine builders—around 33 contenders— will be contested at the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) in Lima, October 7-11, 2013.

The Challenge, which measures engine power produced on a dynamometer, begins each day at 8am and ends at 5pm from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, October 11, the top five scoring contenders compete in the final round eliminations, starting 7:30am and ending 3:30pm. Half an hour later, at 4pm, the awards ceremony will be conducted, followed by tear-down and inspection at 4:30pm.

Top participants are likely to be four-time winners Jon Kaase Racing Engines and BES Racing, as well as last year’s champion SAM (School of Automotive Machinists). For this year’s competition Kaase has prepared two engines: a 4-valve Modular motor and a Boss hemi.

Jon Kaase & team with winning engine in 2008

Jon Kaase & team with winning engine in 2008

Regarding this year’s prize winnings, EMC organizers have reverted to the policy of earlier times, wherein the majority of the spoils go to the winner: second place receives one-thirtieth of the victor’s purse.

To their everlasting credit, forty-seven sponsors have emerged to maintain the prestige of the 2013 Engine Masters Challenge. These include Diamond pistons, Total Seal piston rings, Demon carburetors, Holley carburetors, fuel injection and intake manifolds, Jon Kaase Racing cylinder heads, MME engine blocks, Stefs oil pans.

Revived by MME (McKeown Motorsport Engineering), the world’s first aftermarket Cleveland engine entered production earlier this year. It is called Titus. Finally, recent news from Dart alerts us to the coming of an aluminum LS Next block scheduled for spring 2014.

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