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Reece Cox is a man who immerses himself in details. For nineteen years he has served Corvette and Camaro owners, supplying them primarily with race parts. In the early nineteen nineties, he functioned as crew chief at Morrison Motorsports, running the Mobil 1 Corvettes.

Now he is introducing the world’s first sequential retrofit transmission for the Corvette and all others with front-mounted Tremec T-56 transmissions. The purpose of his new gearbox is simple: gear shifts are executed in 10 to 20 milliseconds.

Camaro, Mustang, Viper—in fact, conversions for all front-mounted Tremec T-56 transmissions soon to follow

Marietta GA: MTI Racing has pioneered the world’s first 6-speed sequential transmission for C5 and C6 Corvettes. Operating in the stock transmission casing, its chief purpose is to accomplish exceedingly fast no-lift clutchless shifting.

H-pattern shift apparatus,  sequential shift operation

Using the original Tremec gear case, MTI converts the internals and the H-pattern shift mechanism to full sequential operation

A direct bolt-in dog-engagement transmission, the service will soon extend to Camaro, Mustang, and Viper—in fact all front-mounted Tremec T-56 and T-6060 transmissions.

Using the original Tremec gear case, MTI converts the internals and the H-pattern shift mechanism to full sequential operation. Introduced initially for the Corvette, it maintains the original mating surfaces and operates with the original mountings, clutch, slave cylinder, and drive-shafts. Its two key advancements are its strength and most of all its shifting speeds.

Spline shaft, transmission internals, transmission shaft

This spline shaft (arrow) operates all internals of the transmission.

Shift times with the original equipment require about a second. With dog engagement shift times are reduced to 0.30 to 0.40sec, depending on shift lever ratio. But when accompanied by an electronic paddle-shift mechanism, this dog-engagement design will affect a shift in 10 to 20 milliseconds (100th to 200th of a second).

But this system’s real superiority is not just revealed in acceleration—its lightning fast no-lift up-shifting ability—but for track days and road racing, its downshifts through 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, & 2nd are all completed in less time than it takes to brake. Thus its startling down-shifting capability promotes greater vehicle stability under braking and corner entry.

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MTI owner,

Reece Cox owner of MTI Racing

It may appear MTI’s new sequential technology has suddenly burst upon the scene, but it hasn’t. In 2001, when the concept of track days had just started in the US, Corvette owners commented they were using only four of their six gears. At that time MTI’s Reece Cox addressed the issue by providing a special ring and pinion, which also improved acceleration.

Later he introduced a new close ratio gear, which allowed Corvette owners to use five of the six gears during track use. Then about four years ago, while still using the conventional H-pattern shift gate, MTI Racing introduced dog ring engagement to the Tremec T-56 gearbox casing. The ratios are as follows: 1st 2.437; 1.611; 1.228; 1.00; 0.875 and 6th 0.777.

H-patter replacement, Transmission barrel arrangment,

By necessity the sequential system introduces a micro barrel arrangement that replaces the conventional H-pattern internals.

By necessity the sequential system introduces a micro barrel arrangement that replaces the conventional H-pattern internals, while cleverly employing the same above-mentioned gears. Therefore all existing MTI Racing’s H-pattern dog boxes can be updated to sequential technology if desired.

Lastly, the firm’s electronic paddle shifting mechanism is in its final production stages.

For further information contact:
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MTI Racing, Six Shooter Sequential Transmission Video

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