Written by Moore Good Ink

Ronkonkoma, NY: World Products, the well-known casting company and producer of thousands of hot street engines over the past decade, has made a radical change in its business practice. They are ceasing in-house engine assembly at their casting works in Ronkonkoma, NY and opening the door of opportunity to a network of engine building shops across the country who would like to participate in their new engine-building program.

How the Program Works

When the consumer decides to purchase a new engine, he or she consults the Worldcastings.com website, first to choose from a large selection of proven combinations and, second to select an engine builder from the Directory of participating engine builders. The consumer, for the first time, can shop for price from all the listed builders and has the option of selecting a local company from the contact information provided.

With password access, the participating engine builder then logs onto the Engine Builder page of the World website and searches for the best deal available from the participating warehouse distributors. The warehouse distributors not only provide the World block, heads, and intake castings but also the 75 to 80 line items required to complete the new engine build. In addition, World Products promotes the participating engine builders on the WorldCastings.com website and provides them with a Bill of Materials and Engine Build sheet, including all dynamometer tests results.

$125 Rebate

Moreover, if the engine builders complete their rebate form and their Proof of Purchase form, they qualify for a $125 rebate, which they will receive in the post from World Products. But perhaps the principal incentive for the engine builders in this new program is the encouraging prospect of growth; the hot street market, with which World Products is so familiar, supports 500-600 engine builds per year. When rebates are processed, World Products begins promoting the participating engine builder immediately by posting the company’s name and details on the WorldCastings.com website.


World Products has sold thousands of small-block and big-block engines for Chevrolets, Fords, and Mopars and over 10,000 documented dyno tests. All of this information will be available to the participating engine builders.


World will be signing up participating warehouses and engine builders through November and the process will be on-going. Website contact loading has already begun.


For further information contact:

World Products
51 Trade Zone Court,
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Tel: (631) 981-1918 or visit