Salina, Kansas: Innovators West has introduced two new belt-drive systems for Ford Windsor 302 or 351 engines. They serve wet- or dry-sump arrangements. One style is equipped with integral side brackets for serious track use, the other without.


Equipped with integral side brackets for serious track use

The side brackets are regarded as unique. They accommodate the mounting of an external oil pump or a vacuum pump or a belt-driven fuel pump, often a requirement for turbo or blower engines. Hole-center spacing is similar to that of the big-block Chevrolet. On drag race cars, external competition pumps are customarily mounted on the 1/4in thick aluminum engine mounting plate, but this is rarely satisfactory as the plate is apt to deflect, resulting in imperfect belt alignment.

Besides generating less friction, the essential proposition of a belt-drive system is its ability to maintain precise valve timing, particularly at high engine speeds. It also has the capacity to eliminate harmful harmonics. Acting as a damper, it absorbs vibration and noise transferred from the crankshaft to the valve train, thus guarding against valve train instability.

InnovatorsWest-SBWindsorBD2As expected, Innovators West has machined slots in the cam pulley to degree the cam. This simply means that valve timing events can be advanced or retarded, which is convenient during dyno tuning.

Significantly, an eccentric idler pulley is supplied to overcome difficulties of tensioning the belt when using different diameter pulleys and compensating for belt stretch over time. The cam pulley, incidentally, is of hard-anodized billet aluminum while the crank pulley is made from heat-treated steel. Both pulleys are machined in a multi-axis lathe in one operation to ensure exact concentricity.

In addition, a cam retaining plate is provided with two encased roller bearings—one operates between camshaft and plate, the other between cam pulley and plate.

American made with American materials, these assemblies are produced using the latest Hurco CNC equipment.

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