Written By Moore Good Ink

Oakwood Village, OH: Pure, uncontaminated fuel is the lifeblood of an engine. Just as pieces of plaque can block the arteries of your heart, so can tiny roaming bits of dirt and debris clog your engine’s fuel system and stop it dead.


Regardless of origin, even the “cleanest” of fuels can harbor flotsam, the very reason that Weldon Racing recommends two separate filters to capture these contaminants before they reach the carburetor jets or fuel injection nozzles. It is standard practice to place a filter (coarse) after the fuel tank and before the fuel pump as well as another filter (fine) after the fuel pump to capture any remaining contaminants.


Weldon Billet Fuel Filters are manufactured with the same exacting specifications and stringent quality requirements as their Racing Fuel Pumps. Weldon’s Premium Filter media, whether their replaceable paper-cellulose or cleanable stainless-steel mesh types, protects carburetors and injectors from contamination.


According to Racing Products Manager Jim Craig, “Originally we had only the -12 O-ring port version, but we had customers purchasing our fuel pumps that had only -6 or -8 ports, and the correct fittings were difficult to obtain.  We decided, therefore, to offer two additional versions to accommodate various port configurations”.

Weldon urges the use of the 100-micron filter placed before their 600-A and 1100-A fuel pumps as well as any other manufacturers’ electric fuel pump; the 40-micron (paper-cellulose) filter placed before all Weldon Billet and Cast-Bodied pumps; and the 10-micron (paper cellulose) filter placed after all fuel pumps and before the carburetor or fuel injectors.


  1. Three port configurations -12, -10, and -8 AN O-ring ports
  2. Full radiused inlet cap to improve fuel flow within and around filter element 
  3. Stainless steel end caps for durability—not bare or anodized aluminum 
  4. Compact size: 5.250-inch length x 2.75-inch diameter x 13 oz. 
  5. Bright-dipped anodized for long-lasting finish 
  6. Minimal pressure drop
  7. More than 60 square inches of Premium filtering area
  8. Comprehensive stocks—immediate delivery
  9. Economical advantage—MSRP on paper elements (10 or 40 micron) $86.40 and on stainless steel elements (100 micron) $120.00


For further information contact:

Weldon Racing Pumps

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Telephone (440) 232-2282 or visit www.WeldonRacing.com