Written by Moore Good Ink

Cleveland, Ohio: Weldon, the only racing fuel pump maker who uses all-metallic internal pumping components-no plastics or Phenolics permitted-has announced a new and innovative fuel pump with an integral bypassing regulator. Called the Sportsman, it is light weight (4.1lb) and supports race engines producing over 1200 horsepower.

Rated as continuous-duty and with a convenient, hand-adjustable knurled knob on the bypassing regulator (no adjusting tools required), Weldon’s Sportsman features multiple mounting provisions on its base and is therefore easily interchangeable with most similarly rated fuel pumps.

Because its internals are made entirely of tool steel, including the pump ring, pump rotor, and pump vanes, the Sportsman’s inner working parts will neither fracture nor deteriorate with heat nor will its flow be impaired when fuel pressure is increased.

Operating on 12 to 16 volts this 4.1lb fuel pump has impressive pumping power with surprisingly low amperage draw. Efficiencies in the pumping chamber have a decisive effect on reduced amp draw which, in turn, liberates more electrical current to power other components. Inevitably, these efficiencies are further demonstrated in a cooler running pump-and cooler running fuel.

Featuring AN-10 inlet and outlet ports and AN-8 bypassing port (all ports chamfered and counter bored for O-ring seals) the Sportsman boasts a Teflon diaphragm with a 1.7 sq. in. surface area. Thought to be the largest in the industry, this diaphragm effectively reduces fuel pressure fluctuations and is compatible with all fuels.

The Sportsman, which is priced at $432.00 and fully covered by Weldon’s famous lifetime warranty, qualifies for contingency awards in NHRA, NMRA, and NMCA events.

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