Written by Moore Good Ink

Olive Branch, MS: Lunati is introducing three new Voodoo high performance billet camshafts for Chrysler 5.7 and 6.1 liter Hemi engines as well as a new custom grind program for the same engines.

Designated mild, intermediate, and aggressive, the three new cams are aimed at high performance Hemi engines in Street Machines, Street Rods, Muscle Cars, Drag Race Cars, 4×4 Off-Road vehicles and, if applicable, Marine.

Though all three of them work well with blown and nitrous applications, the mildest one (PN 61900) provides excellent torque at low speeds through mid-range; it is also ideal for Hemi-engine pick-up trucks pulling boat trailers or similar.

The intermediate camshaft (PN 61901) is ideally suited for higher performance engines with upgraded valve springs, aftermarket programmers, and higher stall-speed converters.

The most aggressive one (PN 61902) serves a wide range of modified applications, including those with an aftermarket converter, upgraded intake, a blower or nitrous induction.

Because these new cams subject the valve springs to increased valve lift and higher velocities, Lunati recommends upgraded Beehive valve springs (PN 74835LUN) and retainers.

Compared with the performance of the original equipment, Lunati has applied faster acceleration and deceleration ramps on their lobes. They open the valves faster, allow them to remain open for longer, and close them faster. This method increases vacuum and builds cylinder pressure with less lobe separation. By reducing the lobe separation angles they improve throttle response. Lunati likens the quick-acting valve acceleration and deceleration process to the sensation of standing by a fast-opening door and feeling the increased air velocity rushing past. The final act in the closing process is to set the valve into its seat gently. Available for immediate delivery, these new cams are priced at $ 413.60.

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