Written by Moore Good Ink

Columbia, SC: Ram Clutches has introduced two new metallic clutch alignment tools for 26-spline GM and Ford applications. Machined from 1040 plain-carbon steel and each with a spline diameter of 1.125in, one alignment tool features a pilot bearing tip to suit GM applications (PN 03-013), the other Ford (PN 03-048).


While plastic clutch alignment tools have been invaluable in clutch installations, they are not always exact. Ram’s new metallic device is a professional tool that ensures accuracy. In addition, it is especially useful in centering dual-disc assemblies. Because its long shaft diameter is smaller than its splined diameter, this device allows you the convenience of installing the flywheel on the engine, slipping the alignment tool into the pilot bearing and sliding the discs onto the tool one at a time with the floater plate sandwiched between.

Providing perfect alignment, these new tools are priced at $64.99 and are now available from Ram and their distributors.

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