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[object]Lakewood, NJ: The four greatest hazards for a standard wet sump oil pan are high engine speeds, large engine displacements, small crankcases, and long strokes.

For 37 years Joe Stefanacci, head of B&B by Stefs, has kept his eyes riveted on engine developments, oiling systems, and oil pans in particular. Recently B&B announced their latest twin-sump oil pans for Fox-body Mustangs with 289-347 and 351-410 Windsor OEM engines.

A manufacturer of Sportsman oil pans since 1998, B&B offers these new 7-quart models each with an appropriate oil pick-up (TIG-welded) and the necessary 12-point fasteners. The pans, which are supplied with crank scraper, windage screen, two magnetic drain bungs and a port for a threaded dip stick (1/4in NPT), boast two deep sumps (9in rear and 6.5in front) and provide stroke clearances of up to 3.550in (289-347 engines) and 4.250in (351-410 engines).

[object]“In a high-revving engine,” says Stefanacci, “the main oil sump with the pick-up needs to be shielded from the rotating crank assembly. If not, the pulses from the pistons going up and down and the turbulence from the rotating crank assembly tend to pump the oil up and down, making it foam and blowing it away from the pickup. These are the dangers we’ve addressed with these new B&B oil pans.”

Assigned part numbers 91605 and 91610 respectively, these jig-welded shelf-stock oil pans are produced in .055in steel, finished in a high luster black coat, and priced at $434.56. Each oil pan is installed on an engine block for inspection and leak-tested before dispatch.

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