By Martha Maglone:


According to Chris Beardsley of TorqStorm, the Michigan supercharger firm produced and supplied more kits by July 2018 than it accomplished during the entire year of 2017.


Formed in 2009, TorqStorm is a subsidiary of Accelerated Tooling founded by Chris Brooker and Scott Oshinski, both of whom served their apprenticeships in the tool and die profession. Now both companies have outgrown their current 10,000sq ft premises in the Grand Rapids area and on 17 September are moving to a larger 25,000sq ft building, about two miles from their current location.  Plans for the new building will include the addition of 8 to 12 new machining centers and a dynamometer facility in due course.


Tuner kits

Access to young dynamic companies is an interesting place to be. Perpetually in flux, they are like living streams, shifting and changing with new ideas. In the interests of better outcomes, each decision at TorqStorm involves the collaboration of five individuals—each consideration receiving full measure of devotion.


Given their latest focus on Tuner kits, Chris Beardsley reports they are designed for the Hemi (2003 to 2018), Camaro (2010 to ’15), GTO (2004 to ’06) and Silverado (1999 to 2013 and 2014 and later). They each sell for between $2,800 and $3,500. “Compared to the complete kits available for around $6,500 from rival manufacturers, our Tuner kits”, explains Beardsley, “allows the customer or installing dealer to select the remaining key components that best suit the project and goals and budget. Even if you purchase the highest quality parts, say, an intercooler ($800), fuel pump ($500), and injectors ($350), and a shop tune ($500 to $600), better performance is achieved while saving money with the Tuner kit.”


In addition, he reminds us that the components in the box are not always the components installed on the car. Depending on the build, they are often unfit for purpose. An example of this is the fuel pump. Some kits have a tendency to destroy OEM pumps, as they apply additional voltage to spin them faster and eventually cause them to fail. It’s better practice, he suggests, to install a reputable upgraded in-tank pump and avoid the inevitable roadside failure caused by over-driving the factory pumps.


In conclusion, he says that the tuning required to complete the performance upgrades of a supercharger installation is critical. It allows you to extract the best power curve at safe operating levels for each individual vehicle. The underlying issue here is that TorqStorm’s kit does not charge for tuning. So, use the money you’ve saved to do it right.



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